New england Stitchery

Welcome to New England Stitchery (NES)!  Founded in 2022 we are a different take on your “grandmother's” needlepoint!  We are based in Darien, CT and owned and operated by women (moms to be specific).  Our team thrives on curating for our clients a fun, fresh and vibrant collection of canvases, threads, fabrics and accessories with a unique New England focus.

Let's face it, needlepoint can be intimidating, especially when you're just starting out. Here at NES we go out of our way to make everyone feel welcome, from beginner to expert. Through our online store, zoom classes, local sip and stitches and pop up shops we provide everything you need from just having fun to completing that advanced canvas. We encourage you to reach out and ask anything you need, we can’t wait to help and we look forward to sharing our passion for needlepoint with you!