Meet the founders

Julie Brown

Welcome!  I’m Julie.  I live in Darien, CT with my husband and our three kids.  Between my freshman and sophomore years of college, I began my first needlepoint project.  I keep the beach scene belt as a reminder of how far I’ve come as a stitcher, belt halfway completed I had to rip out all of my stitches!  After years of perfecting the most basic continental stitch, I was taught basketweave, and my love for decorative stitches and textured fibers was born.  My friends describe me as reliable, thoughtful, and genuine, and these are qualities I hope to bring to all of you through New England Stitchery.  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you throughout your stitching process: choosing a canvas, creating a stitch guide, and finishing!

New England Stitchery | Julie | Co-Owner | Needlepoint Crafting
New England Stitchery | Michelle | Co-Owner | Advanced Canvas Stitching
Michelle McNulty

Hi fellow stitchers!  I’m Michelle and live in Darien, CT with my husband, 4 kids and 2 dogs (needless to say there is limited quiet time in my house).  In 2012, a good friend of mine introduced me to needlepoint.  She would make an ornament each year for her kids and I loved the idea of creating a memory for each child that could be pulled out and displayed during Christmas. I adopted her tradition and that is where my needlepoint journey began. Fast forward several years to today, and after some not so warm and fuzzy shopping experiences at local needlepoint stores, our dream is born. We are creating a space where needlepointers of all levels feel comfortable shopping, asking questions, making mistakes...learning and having fun. We want to build the experience of purchasing a canvas, kitting it with beautiful threads and discussing fun stitches that could help bring the canvas to life. So, welcome - Julie and I are so happy to be here and hope that we can be of help on your needlepoint journey!